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Firewall or spam issues with email notifications?

Question asked by Tyler Clair on Sep 22, 2016
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I was wondering if anyone has had any confirmed issues with notifications being blocked by a firewall or spam filter on the user's side? I have a case where a user is not getting any email notifications from Canvas and I was curious if others have had this issue? This would be specific to her ISP which is also her email provider. I know we as an institution have a whitelist of IP addresses from Instructure and recently they sent out another whitelist batch for notification servers, it may just be me but, I do not recall any of the IPs being specific for notifications in the past.


Have you had issues before like this where you have either had to get Instructure servers whitelisted with ISPs or email providers? It seems a tall order for one organization acting on the behalf of the user, to request to various other organizations to add whitelist exceptions, which is really suspicious behavior to a sys admin or secturity admin.