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Can't see videos in Canvas mobile app!

Question asked by John von Seggern on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Mark Bulpitt

Our institution uses embedded videos in all our courses, hosted on a 3rd-party service called Vzaar. This was working fine in the Canvas mobile app until one day a few weeks ago, when all our embedded videos stopped showing up in the app, making it more or less useless for our students.


I did some testing and enquired with Canvas Support, and according to them there are NO video platforms that are working in the Canvas mobile app any longer, with the sole exception of YouTube. They said developers are looking into it but can't tell me when/if this might be fixed.


Is anyone else grappling with this problem out there? I can only assume from what they've told me that there must be many more institutions affected, but I haven't seen anything about it here on the Canvas Community.


We were just about to make a major push to let make all our written + image content responsive so it would look good on mobile, but our plans are dead in the water at the moment as none of our video content is visible.


If anyone knows anything more about this I would appreciate any info, thanks.