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Complete statistcs for no submission exams (not a quiz)

Question asked by Karen Elekes on Sep 23, 2016

For no submission exams- regular in class exams where scores are entered manually (not quizzes created in Canvas), does Canvas calculate complete statistics? How do I access them if it does? I only see the average on the exam calculated at the top of the screen on speed grader.  I like to report the min, max and mode to students. The mode is a more useful score and a better indication of how the class performed. D2L provided a distribution/graph of the scores so it was easy to see what percentage of the class scored above 90 for example. Does Canvas provide a distribution of scores?  It is cumbersome and not speedy to download to a CSV file and calculate and graph in excel. It is an extra step. Speed grader has at least doubled or tripled the time it takes me to grade in a large enrollment class.  There seems to be information about quizzes created in Canvas but not exams.