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Trouble submitting assignment

Question asked by Matthew Baab on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by mallay crownover

I have had trouble over the last week submitting an assignment through canvas to my instructor.  I go through, browse and select the file, then click submit.  It does not seem to go through though.  I have even tried emailing the word document to my professor twice through the normal Champlain email.  Both times I tried, I see that the file was attached, and sent.  However my instructor has told me that both times there was no attachment on the file. 


Are there any certain internet settings that may cause this to happen?  The last time I had this issue I was using internet at a hotel, and I am traveling again right now at a different location and seem to be having the same problems.  If you could please let me know what I could try to do to correct this, I would appreciate it.


Thank you.

- Matthew Baab