Philip McGachey

Unexpected value for submission_dim.submission_type

Discussion created by Philip McGachey on Sep 26, 2016

Hi, there


Over the weekend, our verification process started failing on the submission_dim table - there are a number of rows where the submission_type is set to 'basic_lti_launch', which isn't one of the values listed in the field description. We've worked around it for now by with the patch pasted below, but when the time comes for a schema version 1.13.1 could you update the allowable values?






{ "tables":

  { "submission_dim": {

      "columns" : [


          "name" : "submission_type",

          "type": "enum",

          "description" : "Type of submission. Possible values are 'discussion_topic', 'external_tool', 'media_recording', 'online_file_upload', 'online_quiz', 'online_text_entry', 'online_upload', 'basic_lti_launch' and 'online_url'."