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How do I read short answer responses to an anonymous survey--while maintaining anonymity?

Question asked by Megan Troyer on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Kate Ellis

One of the faculty that I support has set up an ANONYMOUS survey to gather data from students about how they feel the course is going to date in the term. Part of the survey allows for short answer from the students. I have read How to view essay submissions in a practice quiz or an ungraded survey; however, this does not maintain the anonymity of the responses. Also downloading the student analysis breaks the anonymity.


Is there a way to see student responses to short answer/essay questions in a way that preserves anonymous feedback?


Also, the Do not provide SpeedGrader option for ungraded surveys issue still causes confusion, as there is a link to SpeedGrader, yet nothing happens. Should I make a Feature Request that the SpeedGrader link functions to open the survey in SpeedGrader while simultaneously setting the flag to "Hide student names in SpeedGrader"?