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What is your assessment method for library coursework?

Question asked by Jennifer S Young on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Carla Brown

I'm at Emory University and the librarians here are working on a library instruction framework to standardize basic library instruction for undergraduates. This mini-course would include student assignments such as quizzes. They are also working on a good method for assessing the effectiveness of the program, which would be largely based on student performance on library-related assignments and how that relates to their overall performance in the course. My question to you all is: how do you assess your library instruction, and do you do it in Canvas?


There are a couple of barriers/caveats to using Canvas for delivering, grading, and assessing library instruction assignments that have been brought up to our Canvas support team. Briefly, they are:


1. Access to grades/gradebook: per the registrar, only teaching faculty and TAs can access grades in Canvas. Thus librarians would have to ask for anonymized reports on student grade data, including for any library-related assignments. It would be preferable if they could access the data independently.

2. Work of compiling data: Even if they can get access to the grades, each librarian would need to compile the data from the courses they work in and then merge it with the data from other librarians. This could be time-consuming and complicated.


I would love to hear from anyone who has insight about solutions for delivering library instruction content in a way that is conducive to assessment (either in or outside of Canvas), and what your assessment process is. Thank you in advance.



Jennifer Young

Educational Analyst

Emory University