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Canvas Support Surveys (0 or 1?)

Question asked by Glen Gummess on Sep 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by awilliams

Greetings everyone,


I'm a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at USF, as well as a Canvas administrator at USF. We are investigating organizational productivity at the moment. My task is to select a method of measuring productivity at my unit, Academic Technology. I find this task to be almost impossible because the identification of performance indicators-- while it may be possible (support calls, consultation, projects, setups, training of instructors), the contingencies (amount of time per task, level of consultation, research, effort) varies widely, wildly even, from service call to service call. 


And then I got to thinkin' (as Gomer Pyle might say):  Canvas has a very elegantly simple method of measuring performance in its support requests.  Were you satisfied with Canvas support? Yes or no? 


Yes or no.  Hmmmm....


Which leads me to ask:  Do you take the results of that survey and calculate them into a formula to measure "productivity" with Canvas support (which I see as somewhat anal0gous to what we do at Academic Technology). Would it be a percentage of "yes" (sum of "1"s) divided by the sum of support requests? 


And perhaps more importantly:  How and why did you (collectively) arrive at this very elegantly simple survey? 


Many thanks in advance,


Glen Gummess