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SIS course enroll and cross-listing

Question asked by Bruce Harrison on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by Ron Marx

I"m new to Canvas and trying to figure out what is best way to handle enrolling users into course sections.

We plan to automatically create course shells for all Banner courses (CRN numbers) in a term.  Some instructors teach multiple sections of some courses and wish to have one course with all students instead of individual courses.  Cross-listing is the obvious way to handle this.  I don't know ahead of time who wants what cross-listed, so plan to allow instructors to cross-list their own courses (is there a better idea?).  The question arises on how to handle enrollments into courses.  It may start out with students enrolled in each course, then the instructor cross-lists.  How do I ensure the student enrolls from that point on (after the cross-list) are enrolled in the section and not the orig. course shell?


Bruce Harrison
University of Tennessee at Martin