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Annotations in iPad app

Question asked by CLETE JOHANSSON on Sep 29, 2016
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I had my students use the new annotation feature today and submit through their iPads. After they submitted, however, no assignment showed up for me or for them as submitted. I had a few students in the next class who, when they logged in, got the annotations from the student in the previous class, as well. How do I see the assignments they've submitted? And can I not use the same document for more than one class (if the other students work shows up on the document still)? (Students were logged into their own account when the other student's work showed up. A few submitted the assignment as a picture because I told them to take a screenshot once I realized they weren't submitting. Only one student's assignment submitted and I tried to find out what she did differently but it sounded like the same process as everyone else.) Any idea what might be going on?