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Students being "kicked out" while taking a Quiz with "View questions one at a time" setting

Question asked by Dianne Damschen on Sep 29, 2016
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Has anyone experienced the following issue(s) while students are taking a quiz? Some students are getting kicked out of taking a quiz. Teacher does some trial and error tweaking and discovers that if she changes the viewing of the questions to View all that students do not get kicked out.


Any ideas? This is the teachers first attempt of using Canvas Quizzes and it's been nothing but issues all week- and finals are next week!


More details:

Students were taking a Written Exam in Canvas Quizzes which involved 3 separate questions. It was set up so that they could only see 1 question at a time on their screens ( makes it easier for them to view), but they could scroll back and forth between the questions (meaning, after the responded to one question, went on to another question, they could still go back to the other question before finally hitting the SUBMIT button).


The teacher and students had a HORRIBLE time with this - when students would go to try and hit "previous" or "next" they often - but not always - were ejected from the test. They were able to log back in, one at a time, but this was very frustrating.


Teacher tried again yesterday and students were still getting ejected (or kicked out) from the Quiz. The teacher then figured out that if she changed the question settings to VIEW ALL AT ONCE, students were fine and they did not get kick out of the quiz.


Here is a screenshot of the quiz settings;

Industrial Revolution  Written Assessment  World History 1C   Phelps.png


Thank you in Advance!