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Options to bulk upload of feedback with a different file type to original submission?

Question asked by Neil Gordon on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

The bulk upload feature for feedback is very limited in only allowing the same file (albeit with different content). Similarly, speedgrader is ok for small cohorts and editing, but isn't suitable for large groups and some forms of assessment.


For example, We sometimes generate automatic feedback for large cohorts, based on HTML,PDF or other, and would like to upload those - but the renaming that Canvas uses ranmes the PDF/html files as DOCX, which then won't open in Word unless you manually change the docx extension once downloaded.


Similarly, if we wish to provide individualized version of common feedback based on group work - with a common core (per group) plus some individual feedback (e.g. personal mark, individual comments): where we combine results then wish to bulk upload as an automatically generated TXT or


This seems very limiting - and odd, since the Submission attached comments within Canvas does recognise them as HTML/PDF etc. and displays the correct file type icon.

Is there a simple solution, workaround, or is this a case of requesting a new "feature" in Cavnas?