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Sub-account level outcome reporting

Question asked by Nancy O'Laughlin on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Mary Garcia Charumilind

I want to know if at the sub-account level it is possible to see the results of one of the calculated methods for outcomes made. For example, you have one or more outcomes that are being assessed across multiple courses in the program. So if you were to use n number of times, it would be calculated against all the submissions of that outcome in that sub-account (not just within the course).  Likewise if you used decaying average or the others. This way a program administrator can see an overall picture of how students are doing in their program and meeting their program outcomes. Right now the Outcome results are just in the Mastery Gradebook within a course or the export from the gradebook. If it could be done across courses in a sub-account then that calculation would be part of the Outcomes report generated at the sub-account level. Right now only these fields are part of that report: student name,student id,student sis id,assessment title,assessment id,assessment type,submission date,submission score,learning outcome name,learning outcome id,attempt,outcome score,assessment question,assessment question id,course name,course id,course sis id. So if the user wants any of this other information - they must manually take the outcome score and calculate it after sorting and gathering the information for each student, course, etc.


If this is not clear enough, please let me know. I would be happy to share more details.

Thanks for any input, Nancy O'Laughlin