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Assess Outcomes directly in Gradebook

Question asked by Brian Bennett on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Shawn Moore

I have Outcomes set up (from the AP Bio curriculum) in my Canvas course. I'm starting to tag assignments using rubrics, which has been great to show students and give better feedback on their progress.


However, to prep for the AP exam, I'm still using paper and pencil tests, which means I have no easy way to give feedback on the learning outcomes mapped per question on that test. I know I could go in and create a question bank for each outcome, which I've started, but that's a non-trivial process. Plus, they would, in essence, take the test twice to do it on paper and submit online.


One thing I thought would work was to assign outcomes to the test in my assignments as a rubric. I thought that attaching each outcome and marking each item without changing the total points available on the test would accomplish the goal, but it doesn't transfer to the Learning Mastery gradebook.


So, my question: is there a workaround for me to assess each Outcome somehow in the gradebook without attaching it to an assignment or quiz question?