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How do I reset a course if my admin has disabled this feature?

Question asked by Michelle Pilati Corselli on Oct 1, 2016
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I have a course starting on Monday and need to move all the content into it - yet I had started building in the course where my students live and I don't want to have massive amounts of duplicated content. In other words, I built a considerable amount of the course, moved it to another shell (do we say shell?), added to it, and now I need to move the course with more back to the original shell. There is no logical way to do it piecemeal. I've deleted as much as I can, but how do you get rid of the content built in Canvas? I have exactly what is in the course I want to reset in another course shell (in addition to the one with more) - so there is no danger in resetting.

Also - I clearly need a way to keep my content in one place and to be able to update it there - and have those updates go to these other two courses (that live in different Canvas instances). Rumor has it that there was or is a way to do that via the Commons? Our system selected Canvas as we had many expectations of it - one of them being that it would serve our adjuncts well. Obviously this capability is critical for them (and me at the moment!).


What in the hoot is the deal with no subject lines in Discussion? Maddening!

Hoping some brilliant Canvas scholars are looking to do their good deed for the day this morning..