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Why don't *ordering by submission date* and *anonymous grading* work together?

Question asked by Gary Bartlett on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Kona Jones

Maybe this issue has been addressed somewhere, but I couldn't find any discussion of it.


I like to grade anonymously. So the feature which allows that is great. However, I also like to grade assignments in the order in which they were received. And these two features do not work together.


When I ask Canvas to order the submissions by submission date, it's fine, so long as I can still see their names. But when I also ask for anonymity, the order goes haywire. It's not totally random; there are blocks of submissions which are still in chronological order. But then there will randomly be one which is totally out of order. Resubmissions seem especially prone to the problem, but it also happens with students who've only made one submission.


This is not a browser issue. I've tried it on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The problem occurs on all of them. (Indeed, it seems that the scrambled order in which submissions appear when one anonymizes them, is exactly the same in all three browsers.)


Has anyone else experienced this? Discussed it? Is there a fix for it?



Gary Bartlett