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Improve browser handling of search text

Question asked by Cliff Cunningham on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by awilliams

This is not a question about Canvas (the tool). This is more an enhancement-request for this Canvas Answers website:

Q & A


When I land on the front-page of the Canvas Community Answers space, there is that search box. (We all know about that; we use it a lot.) I can type in my search term or phrase, and the search engine does a nice job presenting a long list of possible solutions to my search.


I can click on any of the items in the list... and, it takes me to that page. So far, so good. No complaints.


But, as soon as I hit the "Back" button on my browser, I get annoyed.


-  In Firefox, my search term or phrase has disappeared from the search box, so I have to retype it. I have, sometimes, had to retype my search term/phrase five times or more... until I just get tired of typing.


-  In Chrome, it doesn't delete my search term. But, the search results has disappeared, and the focus has moved away from the search box. So, I still have to grab my mouse, click in the search box, then take my hand off the mouse, and hit the Enter key on my keyboard.


What I would like to see is this:  When I hit the "Back" button on my browser, I want to go back to the screen where that nice long list of search findings is already displayed, so I can just click on the next item in the list that might be the answer I need... instead of having to retype or re-click. If I could do that, I could move much more quickly through the information.


I'm not sure if this is a Canvas development issue... or if it's an issue with the browsers. But, anything you can do to help that would be great.


Thx, Cliff