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iCal feed could not be fetched?

Question asked by Nicole Cook on Sep 30, 2016
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I'm trying to import my ical feed into Google calendars.When I use "add by url" I get the message "Could not fetch the url."

When I try to click to view the feed on canvas I get the message "This site can't be reached." Attempting to right click and Save Link As... gives me "Failed - Server Problem" and the file does not download.

iCal validator tells me "Error while fetching calendar: URL fetch returned HTTP 500" and another one gives me:

This is not an iCalendar file or URL near line # 1

Reference: RFC 5545 3.4. iCalendar Object

Missing VCALENDAR object near line # 1

Reference: RFC 5545 3.4 iCalendar Object

You can view the full results here…


I tried adding ?nocache to the feed's url to no avail.


The calendar displays fine on canvas itself, however.

This is the url I am attempting to use, given to me by canvas:


Is there any fix for this?