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Can students view progress or see pages/items they have completed?

Question asked by Tom Gibson on Oct 1, 2016
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I've seen a few archived discussions and feature requests in the community so I apologize if this is asked over and over, but have never seen an answer or resolution that is totally clear.


We use Canvas for teaching adult learners. We are very new to Canvas, but already have students that want to see their own progress. Some visual check mark or way to know which pages, assignments, modules, etc. they have already viewed or completed.


Does this exist and I'm just missing it? I know we can view progress of students as a teacher, so the data exisits. It just doesn't appear to be a student view.


Perhaps this could be a course level or account level setting? Display Student Progress - Yes/No
I think some implementations probably would not want to show this because completion or progress may be subjective based on course design.