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Length of students' Canvas session in Data Portal?

Question asked by Ashley Hyman on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by Eric Coan

Hi data friends!



I'm looking to report our students' total time spent working in Canvas each week and was hoping your collective wisdom and experience could help. I thought I had heard this was possible, but I have done extensive digging on the Canvas Data Portal Schema Docs and in the Community, and can't find an obvious solution. Has anyone had luck finding a field along these lines in the Data Portal tables (or even written a script to derive total time spent)? I saw that quiz_submission_dim has started_at and finished_at fields, so I'm sure I could write something to capture time spent on quizzes, but I didn't see anything that maybe logs how long a user's session was. (I hoped to see something in the Requests table, but no such luck.)


Within the UI on the Users page, I found the Page Views output has a Time field, but that seems to only have sporadic data (which I guess makes sense if a user only spends seconds on a page before clicking another link?). According to Canvas documentation, that number represents the interaction time with that page, so I'm assuming this could be used to get what I need. Is this data accessible through the Data Portal/API? Or, has anyone else found/developed a way to extract this data on a regular basis? My end-game is to get the data into a SQL database.


Here's hoping there's something really obvious that I've overlooked.


Thanks for any thoughts you might have!