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PLTW Engineering Program...Need Information!

Question asked by Anne Oney on Oct 5, 2016
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I am currently teaching the PLTW Launch program at my elementary school.  I am meeting with our local high school council and Principal to request the addition of the Engineering PLTW program to their curriculum. My kids LOVE PLTW and I want to ensure they will continue to have this opportunity in high school.  Unfortunately, I'm not as familiar with the Engineering Program at the High school level so I'm reaching out to you, hoping you can help me out. 


Online, I see there are several Engineering courses.  I've looked at each course curriculum and see there are many different units embedded into a course (Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace, Civil & Architecture, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Science, Digital, Environmental Sustainability, Engineering Design & Development).  I hope you can provide some much needed information.



  • What is the Sequence of Courses?  Are these courses all separate or build on previous experience?  If so, could you provide a recommended order/timeline.
  • How long should a course take to implement?  (timeline)
  • What certification is needed for teachers to instruct these courses?
  • Do high schools implementing the PLTW Engineering courses offer all courses or only a few?  If you can give me references of schools and what course programs they offer, that would be greatly appreciated
  • What is the approximate cost of the courses?
  • What space/room is needed to implment the courses?
  • Equipment Needs?
  • To fully implement an Engineering program at the High School level, what is the expectation for the school?  3 courses? 2 courses
  • Is it possible to offer one course as an elective to introduce students to engineering?  If so, which course woudl you recommend?


Any help or information you can provide is greatly appreciated.  I look forward to your correspondence.


Anne Oney