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Individual scores not posting/updating to SIS after initial post

Question asked by Preston Bowers on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by Hailee Anderson

I'm an admin and our district is new to using the Canvas to PowerSchool grade passback feature this year. We are following all of the parameters and naming conventions. 1 teacher has graded and posted assignments successfully, but when she goes back in and regrades an assignment, it will not update in PowerSchool.


For example, she grades 17 of 23 students and decides to post to PowerSchool from Canvas. When the remaining 6 students finally submit their assignments and she grades them, she enters the remaining 6 scores into her Canvas gradebook. When she clicks post to SIS to passback the newly entered/updated scores, the grades in PowerSchool remain blank.


The only solution she has found to this is to delete the assignments in her PowerTeacher gradebook, then repost from Canvas. As the semester is moving along, this is now becoming too budersome.


Any ideas?