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Canvas as an Aid in Student Organization

Discussion created by Joe Montuori on Oct 3, 2016
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In what ways can K-12 students use Canvas to help them stay organized? Let's face it. Many of today's students are busier than ever. "Over-scheduled" seems to be the normal state of affairs in many districts.


And other students don't yet have the skills and strategies they need to stay on top of tasks, prioritize them, break them down into action steps, and get stuff done.


For students and schools that use Canvas, the paper "agenda" or pocket calendar seems redundant. Please use this discussion as a place to share ideas, practices, and student training that can help the over-scheduled, the as-yet unorganized, and those students with executive function issues to use Canvas to organize and stay on top of their work.


Perhaps the best place to begin is with student uses of Canvas tools that promote and aid productivity and organization. So, in what ways does your school train and/or encourage K-12 students to stay organized with Canvas?