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Canvas (Native) Flashcards

Discussion created by Matt Hagen on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Jon Fackrell

Hi everyone. As part of evaluating Canvas for my school, I have been experimenting with adding interactive content to courses including embedding flashcards from and Embedding is neat, but I like the option of storing flashcard data right in Canvas so that the data is controlled and editable by teachers. To this end, I've created an app called Canvas Flashcards. The app is built with html, css, and jquery. It runs in a Content Page, and feeds on data in a hidden table on the same page. Teachers can put the page in edit mode to modify the table. Each row in the table is a card, and each column is a side of a card. Cards can have more than two sides. The app runs in desktop and mobile browsers, but it doesn't yet run in the Canvas Mobile App. That's my question. Does anyone know how to enable jquery to run in the Canvas Mobile App? Thanks.