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Turnitin issues

Question asked by on Oct 10, 2016
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We have been testing the Turnitin LTI and have noticed several issues.  I've looked through the community and see others are experiencing the Turnitin woes.

Here are a couple of issues we have found:

  • if a student re-submits their assignment within a 5 minute timeframe the assignment submission is off sync meaning that the previous submission will show with the new submission document title, e.g., if I submit assignment ABC with ABC text and then immediately submit assignment XYZ with XYZ text, the submission will show XYZ title but with ABC text. 
  • Students can't see their submissions like they can without Turnitin enabled.   Without Turnitin enabled, when a student submits an assignment, it's saved in their unfiled folder in Files. 
  • Student can view "Preview" in Submission Details because it's rendering in Crocodoc viewer.  After teacher grades the assignment in LTI, it won't display because it was edited in Feedback Studio.
  • Differentiated assignments - if there is an "Until date" and "Due Date" set in Canvas for a student, they will see the due date and until date on the assignment details page.  If the "Until Date" is removed, the student's due date is now the other student's due date. 


There are several others, but these are some of the items we noticed and wanted to know if anyone has noticed these issues and any workarounds available or other software recommendations?


Thanks all!