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Unable to publish Question Bank or Graded Quiz From Respondus 4.0 to Canvas Course

Question asked by Bruce Richards on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Bruce Richards

Hello all.

I have always used Respondus 4.0 to upload quiz questions into Canvas using the Publish to Canvas method. As of Wednesday (10/5/16), when I try the same process, even though Respondus gives me a success message, neither quiz nor question bank comes over into Canvas. I have spoken to Respondus on this but they insist that nothing is wrong with their software. I went and published the quiz through Respondus using the IMS QTI personality method where I received a zipped QTI XML file. I was able to successfully import (Import Content into this Course method) the zipped file into Canvas and got the quiz and the Question Bank into the course. Is anyone seeing this issue? The Respondus Publish to Canvas method worked for me as late as middle of September. My Respondus 4.0 program is current.


Thanks in advance.