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Import multiple courses into one course

Discussion created by Melinda Evans on Oct 10, 2016
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Hi All!


In addition to adopting Canvas for SY2017-18, our institution is moving from bite-sized "modules" (our own term) of content to longer courses.


Because this work is happening simultaneously to our migration, we have migrated the smaller courses and need to create the larger courses post-migration.


We have been using the "Import Content Into This Course"/"Copy a Canvas Course" feature. But it's been confusing to locate which content belonged to which original smaller course. Content seems to merge in unexpected ways - perhaps because of similar activity names.


How does Canvas organize imported content? Is it by file name? If we bring over 5 courses into one, how can we easily determine which content came from which original course?


Does anyone have experience importing multiple courses into one?


Any tips or tricks welcome! And please let me know if I can clarify the question.


Thank you!



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