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Assigning work at end of one grading period to be graded in next...

Question asked by Donna Henry on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by Donna Henry

Near the end of a grading period, some of our teachers will complete a unit that will be recorded in the current grading period.  When beginning the next unit, even though course work will be completed during the first grading period, the teachers prefer to have grades recorded for the upcoming grading period.


Is there a simple way to assign work that will be due during one grading period, but have the grades calculated in the next grading period?


Currently, teachers are assigning work with the correct due date, leaving it ungraded until the first grading period is over and grades are processed for report cards.  After this time, teachers grade the assignment and move the due date to the first day of the new grading period.  It's a very clumsy solution and I would love to be able to offer a better suggestion.