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New Turnitin/SpeedGrader Issue with Resubmissions

Question asked by on Oct 10, 2016
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We are receiving reports from instructors concerning resubmissions to Turnitin assignments. Students are resubmitting papers (in some cases two weeks after the first submission) but SpeedGrader is displaying a duplicate copy of the original paper instead of the resubmission. The Turnitin assignments page does show the correct paper the student resubmitted.

We have opened a ticket with Instructure (case# 01601166). The issue has been forwarded to Instructure engineers.

As a workaround instructors can open a resubmitted paper from the Turnitin assignment page.

Another workaround would be to disable resubmissions and instead create another Turnitin drop box.

We are hoping a fix will be installed soon so instructors do not have to compare each resubmission with the original paper in order to find out which improvements students have made.