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Institutional Assessment for Accreditation Using Outcomes and Rubrics?

Question asked by Phineas Kelly on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2018 by Laura Snelson

Are there other institutions who are actively trying to implement institutional assessment using outcomes or are interested in doing so? 


At the University of Wyoming we are working on a plan to assess student learning on a department/college/institution wide level using outcomes and rubrics. This process is part of ongoing accreditation reviews where the reviewers need to see specific learning artifacts which correspond with specific learning outcomes as examples.



One specific question is that we need to download specific learning artifacts associated with an outcome.  Say, all the papers submitted to the english department or across the institution which are connected to the outcome for critical thinking. You can already see a list in Canvas of "outcome artifacts" associated with an outcome with links to the student submissions but we need an easy way to download them all…Then we need a mechanism whereby reviewers can access and assess these outcome artifacts (ideally without individual student information).



It seems like the learning mastery grade book, outcomes and rubrics have been designed with this all in mind but there is currently no road map as to how to accomplish this in practice. The canvas guides speak to these capabilities:


"Grading student work automatically collects and compiles data on student progress for the Outcomes. The data is available for reporting to support teaching improvement, identify at-risk students, and support the accreditation process. This unified, streamlined approach dramatically reduces the amount of work required to implement Learning Outcomes through the intelligent reuse of assessment workflows in the grading process."