Kenneth Rogers

Help with some SCORM?

Discussion created by Kenneth Rogers Champion on Oct 11, 2016

Hello, all.


I am needing to test out SCORM for our campuses and see how best we can support our faculty and students. Because I am not a designer, I don't really have access to the "real" authoring software SO, before I go and throw a few things together in SoftChalk and export as SCORM instead of utilizing the LTI, is anyone willing to share any SCORM packages with me? I am either looking for entire modules, individual assignments, whole courses - I won't be too picky! I love the community and how we can help each other out!


As we are beginning to re-examine SCORM, do you have any tips/tips/suggestions that either we can pass along to our faculty or that we can use as we support them?


Thanks everyone!