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Calendar Items vs. Actual Assignments

Question asked by George Halsell on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

I'm not sure if this is a bug, a feature, or just something that needs some tweaking, but currently, calendar items don't seem to be completely connected to the actual assignments or quizzes they indicate. Specifically, there have been times when I have changed a due date for an assignment or quiz in its respective area of Canvas, and in the calendar, the icon representing the actual event reflects that change. However, the separate calendar item icon does not, and still shows the old due date.


I like to use calendar items so that students can see when major upcoming assignments or quizzes will be due without making those items available at the beginning of the semester, but more than once, students have seen two different due dates for a given assignment in the calendar due to this disconnect, because I didn't think to go into the calendar and make sure its date reflected the changed due date. It seems odd that I can change the due date for an assignment by moving the calendar item in the calendar (or, for that matter, actually delete an assignment by deleting the calendar item), but I can't change the due date in the calendar item by changing it in Assignments. And once I turn the assignment on, I end up with two different icons in the calendar for the same Assignment.


I just now tried an experiment: First, I went into an upcoming calendar item and changed the start time on the day the assignment is due. Then I went into Assignments and looked at the list of assignments; there, Canvas now indicates that the assignment is not available until the same day that it's due. However, when I click to edit the assignment, it still shows that it was available beginning on the date I created it a month ago. Finally, I went back into the assignment itself and changed the due date to a day later. Now, in the calendar, the assignment icon has moved to the correct date, but the corresponding calendar item has not.


One final observation is that, when there is both an assignment icon and a calendar item icon for the same assignment, once the closing date for that assignment has passed, the assignment icon is both "grayed" out and crossed through, but the corresponding calendar item is not. If they both represent the same assignment, shouldn't they both reflect the status of that assignment?


So, aside from actual problems with calendar items, I need to ask: What's the best way to have these problems corrected? Is it enough that I've called attention to them in the Community, do I need to call Tech Support and report this as a bug, or is this something I need to propose as a votable item?


Many thanks for your help!