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Suddenly missing 'show question details' in test bank , info and screen shots in post, thanks for any help, Kathy

Question asked by Kathy Arnold on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders


I am working on my quizzes in Question Banks  and can no longer see the choice:


"Show Question Details"


in either firefox nor chrome. I have tried also on a Mac and PC.


I have checked another question bank in the same course and also a question bank in different course and it is not showing up in either place.


It was just there the other day/ last week - and was very helpful. But now it is no longer there.


In looking at a recent  update for oct 8th


it appears Canvas did something in quiz banks on oct. 8th. It states it made 'show question details' there - but it was already there for me over the past couple of months/ so I must be missing something.


In the  image on this page where it describes the update  (linked above)  it still shows the text


"show question details"


but  on my quiz bank  I can no longer see it - Over the past 2 months I have been working with multiple  quiz banks so this is new and sudden difference.


Other things are not working well either - for example when i create a question, after clicking 'update question' , it shows all of the answers whereas before it would just show the question and minimize the space where the answers were.  When I close out of Canvas and then reopen canvas and reopen the quiz bank, then the answers are as expected but after I first create the question, and then update, it is not minimized.


I'm on a Windows 7 PC with latest Chrome and Firefox.


Here is an image of what I see.


Thanks! Kathy


Below is the screen shot with no ""Show Question Details" showing.


test bank no show details oct 11 2016.jpg


Below is what it should look like:


test bank how it should look.jpg


See the box next to Show Question Details? It is missing on my test banks now and it used to not.