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How do I get my app working?

Question asked by Peter Hesse on Oct 13, 2016
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I am an administrator of Canvas at my college, and I have an issue with getting an app to work in Canvas.


The essence of my project is to display an external web page within Canvas. After going through the tutorials and reading the documentation, and with help from others, I was able to get the app set up. I created the xml configuration file and stored it on our public-facing server along with the webpage (it's for taking attendance). I created the app and that seemed to work, but when I click on it, I get an empty page. Nothing is displayed.


I first thought the problem was related to the documentation that states the webpage to display must be displayable in an iframe. I found a solution on google which involved creating a web.config file in the same folder as the webpage, with code to make the page displayable. This didn't work. I could not even display the webpage in a browser.


Can someone help? I would think this would have been done before by someone. I've been told that Canvas's attendance system is pretty basic, so it follows that some customers would need to bring their external attendance system into Canvas seamlessly.


Any help would be much appreciated.