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SIS for Elementary/Middle Schools

Discussion created by Doug Joubert on Oct 19, 2016
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After seeing the request for SIS information for colleges and universities in another discussion, I realized it would be good to get the collective wisdom of the Canvas Community for our situation.  Here goes:


We currently use Rediker's Administrator's Plus as our SIS.  It is antiquated and does not integrate well with Canvas.  Though I'm going to get heavy push-back from the school's secretarial staff, I feel a need to change in order to get Canvas integrated with our SIS more efficiently.


Some within the Canvas Community recommended PowerSchool as an SIS to look at, but I would like to see what other elementary & middle schools are using at this time and whether it works or not.  So, here are my questions, if you please:

  • What SIS do you use?
  • On a scale of 1-to-5, 1 being completely dissatisfied, 5 being completely satisfied, how happy are you with your SIS?
  • Does it do any of the following?
    • Online admissions?
    • Enrollment?
    • Faculty/Staff Management?
    • Fundraising integration?
    • Behavior management?
    • Scheduling?
    • Student Records?
    • Is it web-based or networked?
  • How well does it integrate with Canvas?
  • Would you recommend your SIS to another elementary or middle school?
  • Are you looking into another SIS? 
    • If so, which one(s)?


Thank you for all your input.  I can't wait to see the results!


Doug Joubert

Director of Technology

Christian Brothers School, NOLA