Kris Bickell

Managing account file quota

Discussion created by Kris Bickell on Oct 21, 2016

We've been on Canvas since 2012 and we're encountering a new challenge - our institution file quota is nearing our upper limit. We'd like to hear how other institutions manage their account level file space:


1) What types of policies do you have for deleting old courses? How long do you keep courses? Is it faculty responsibility to download course files & grades before deletion? Or do you do this administratively?


2) How do you actually clear file space, since there are no account-level options for deleting old courses? I know you can run a course import and set the status to "delete" so clearing files by deleting courses is relatively simple. But we also want to explore ways to keep a record of courses & grades - unfortunately there's no similar batch-type of option for downloading the course files and/or grades first. Doing any of this course-by-course is not very appealing, obviously.


Any suggestions on how best to manage file storage at the account level?