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Making Sidebar Feeds Optional?

Question asked by Matthew Boyle on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

Hello, I’m an admin who’s new to the community. I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, so feel free to redirect me if not. I found an idea in the Canvas community that had been archived as of Nov 4, 2015: Make Recent Feedback Optional – Sidebar Item. I see that this idea can be resubmitted, but I wanted to check first if there had been any other discussion of this issue.


The problem some students are having is that there are two items in the sidebar – the “Coming up” feed and the “Recent feedback” feed – that can’t be dismissed by student viewers (or by anyone, really). This brings up a sticky situation with students who view their dashboard in class and have their grades available for anyone to see. Granted, it’s not in an extremely noticeable place, and the grades in the “coming up” items are only available until the due date for that assignment has passed; however, it’s still an awkward thing for someone who got a poor grade on an assignment to suddenly see it displayed where their peers can see.


I had a student who asked for help on this, and her first workaround was, “Well, I could maybe not use Canvas at all.” I certainly didn’t want to encourage that reaction from a student, and advised that she could simply make the sidebar disappear by making the window smaller. Then, when she was one her own, she could work in full-screen. Still, it’s nagging that the only workaround I was able to suggest was essentially, “Make your viewing experience poorer.”


Is there some kind of easy workaround that can help fix this issue, something I’m missing, or is it possible to simply resubmit this as a potential feature, open for votes?