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How can I create a ranking style survey in Canvas?

Question asked by Jeremy Kidwell on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Claire McCully

I'd like to use an ungraded canvas quiz/survey to solicit votes from my class on topics for the second term. This would be ideally a "ranking" style quiz (see here Survey Ranking Questions vs. Rating Questions  for the distinction between ranking / rating surveys) where students would be presented with a randomised list of options and then would be invited to rank those options in order of priority. A bonus would be the option to add a limited number of fill-ins for students to add in ideas that aren't represented on the list I've provided. Is this possible in canvas? I can fake it using a  multiple dropdown quiz (How do I create Likert scale quiz questions?) but this is pretty unwieldy for this assignment as there are 32 options on the list. I tried a bit to see if it is possible to do via a matching quiz but didn't get anywhere. Any ideas out there?