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Is it possible to get user information from a tool that is embedded via the rich text editor?

Question asked by Chris Bubel on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by Danny Wahl

I'm trying to create a tool that would allow a teacher to embed an iframe from the rich content editor on a page - perhaps several times on the same page. I have this basic functionality working. However, I need it to work such that a student viewing the page would have their information sent to my tool when they use the tool in the iframe, similar to when an application is launched and all the initial data is sent. If the tool is already embedded as an iframe, is this possible? It sort of sounded like it wasn't from a similar post about a year ago, but I wanted to ask again. I sort of got around it by making an API call to canvas, but this required me to manually generate a user token, otherwise there was a CORS error. If sending data from Canvas through the iframe isn't possible, do I have to go the token route? And if so, what's the best method of creating/managing user tokens so that students have little to no interaction with that aspect?