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Cannot Access TurnItIn Results from SpeedGrader

Question asked by Tim Darrow on Oct 20, 2016
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Hi all,

Some faculty have reported that they are experiencing problems with the TurnItIn LTI integration in Speedgrader. Apparently students have submitted assignments via the TurnItIn LTI and TurnItIn was able to check the document for plagiarism. On the assignment page under the TurnItIn inbox, faculty are able to click on the submitted assignment's link, which takes them to the TurnItIn web portal to view the document and markups.

However, when faculty go into the SpeedGrader for the assignment, they are able to view and download assignment, but the TurnItIn results link takes them back to the home page of the course with an error message: Couldn't find valid settings for this link. I have never heard of this error before and have been able to replicate it several times.

I researched this particular error in the Canvas Community and stumbled across this conversation: Submissions through Turnitin LTI not appearing in SpeedGrader. Apparently a side symptom which Maya BOGDANOVA mentioned was that the Couldn't find valid settings message kept appearing when the TurnItIn link was clicked in SpeedGrader. But apparently no one found a solution to that particular problem in the discussion.

Has anybody experienced a similar issue? If so, how did you fix it? Is this something which Canvas Support needs to handle?



- Tim Darrow