Snapshot of Grades/Assignments

Discussion created by AMY UELMEN on Oct 21, 2016
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In our high school, we have homeroom once a week.  During this time, teachers do grade checks with each individual student.  They pull up an individual student's grades and assignments in all courses (on one screen) to see what they need to be working on and ensure they are staying on track.  Currently, this is being done in Skyward, our SIS, because I do not know of how it is possible in Canvas.  The students in a teacher's homeroom class are not always students they have in other classes.


To summarize what I am hoping is possible in Canvas so we don't have to use our SIS to accomplish:

- Teachers can see a snapshot of total grades in all classes for students in a homeroom class (see Grades Overview attachment)

-Then, by selecting a grade in a class, teachers can see the student's individual assignment and grades (see Assignment view attachment)


Does anyone know how we could accomplish this?