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Undo Course Changes / See History

Discussion created by Brent Warner on Oct 21, 2016
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As we pilot Canvas at my school many teachers are sharing courses so other people can go in and look at what we're doing with our own courses. The level of savviness changes significantly between teachers, and sometimes one teacher may make a change in a course without the main teacher knowing. It may also happen that without a second person involved, a teacher may make changes in their course that they later wish to revert.


I'm looking for a way to see the course construction history, much in the way the page history is available. Is there a way to see who made what changes to the course, and then to revert back to a previous version of the course if necessary? While it would be nice to say "just don't make the error in the first place," human error is exactly the thing I'm looking for a contingency plan for.


Thanks so much in advance for anyone who is looking at this. I searched the site, but perhaps my wording doesn't match a service like this which is already provided.