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Students get resume quiz button after submitting

Question asked by Sara Greer on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

A teacher reported to me today that 15 students across three different courses taking the same quiz encountered a variety of problems. The quiz was timed, shuffled answers, one attempt only, let students see responses and correct answers after a specific time, required an access code, and showed all questions. Less than 25 students per class.


Has anyone encountered any of the following issues, or maybe can see a pattern I may be missing?


1. Some students submitted the quiz, only to see a resume button instead of their grade and responses. The students would click the resume button to try submitting again. At this point, some questions they had already answered would be replaced with new, random questions from a question bank. They answered those questions and were then able to submit successfully.


2. Of the 15 students, about 10 of them appeared to have been allowed 2 attempts. Two students were able to submit twice, when the quiz settings did not allow multiple attempts.


I've been searching for answers most of the afternoon and will submit a Canvas ticket if nothing comes of this.