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Standards Based Grading

Question asked by sara.chai on Oct 25, 2016
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This comes from a teacher at my site - and I want to try and help - can you help me so I can help her?


I have recently started trying to implement standards based grading via the Canvas “Learning Mastery” gradebook. I like how easy it was to add the outcomes and that it comes with rubrics which can be added to the assignments.


I’m having some difficulties with a  few things:

  1. I cannot edit the rubrics attached to the standards. I want to change to points to 4 being mastery. I don’t think students are happy with their grade and they scored 3 out of 5 (which is a D)
  2. This leads to my second point… Is there a way to “change” the actual gradebook so the mastery is correctly represented as a “grade”. I would like the ability to have a standards based grade, but then also have an overall percentage for the report card.