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Student work disappearing/not showing up in Canvas

Question asked by Christopher Pondy on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Stephanie Bridge

We have a number of students who are having constant crashing issues and disappearing work when they turn in assignments. Any help would be appreciated, I am about to pull out my hair trying to support 2700 students on this one.


Scenario 1: Student opens an assignment, starts to fill in the PDF using the
Canvas annotator, then it crashes and they loose everything they have worked on and have to start over. I have seen it happen, so it is not something that they are making up.


Scenario 2: They complete the PDF assignment, submit it, and it is blank when it shows up in Speed Grader, but complete when they saved it.


Scenario 3: Student uses a stand alone PDF annotator such as PDF cabinet, save it to their google drive and it shows up blank when they submit it to Canvas. The document is complete in the annotator, and you can see it in their google drive complete, but when they submit it, it is blank.


Scenario 4: They complete an assignment using Google Docs and it disappears or it doesn't submit with answers.


All of these are happening on a regular basis, but I can't figure out why this is happening. It effects some kids and not others, so it seems to be a user side error, but I have walked the kids through submitting and they appear to be doing nothing wrong.


We are using Apple iPads with iOS 10, but the problem does not seem to have preference for the operating system. Happens with both the App and the website.


Chris Pondy