Group assignment that also needs to be viewed and replied to by all

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Because you guys rule and it was super helpful the last time I did this.


I have several instructors that are doing an assignment similar to this:


  1. Students get in groups
  2. Groups submits paper (gets group grades)
  3. Group submit short video presentation (gets group grade for that)
  4. Other students required (as an individual) to watch 3 of the videos your classmates created – one on each of 3 different health topics you choose.  After you watch each video, you will post a substantive comment in the appropriate discussion board on Carmen.   (individuals get a grade for this).


Items #1 and #2 are easy to build (and students have already turned in work).  #3 and #4 trip me up just a bit because they are sort of connected but in fact, separate assignments (with separate grades). I have built them as such – two separate assignments. The thing I find sort of annoying is that if it’s set up this way students are essential required to upload or share their video twice, in different locations. I know…it’s not the end of the world but I am wondering if anyone has ever done this in a more creative way and if so, can you share? Was it successful?


Thanks so much!!!!!