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How to integrate an uploaded HTML file through an iframe?

Question asked by Michael Marboe on Nov 4, 2016
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For one of our courses I've made a sound-button using HMTL, CSS and JS. It works fine but I've been having some trouble integrating it through an iframe into the actual course quizzes. First, I tried using our private webhosting service which provides a direct link to the HTML file that I am trying to show. Nothing appeared inside the iframe when I did this and I'm not sure why, but this does not appear to be a problem isolated to Canvas LMS.


Following this, I tried uploading the HTML file directly to the course files and was now able to include the sound-button in any given quiz but only as a hyperlink that would open a new browser page with the functional sound button on it.


Finally, I opened the sound-button hyperlink and copied the URL from there and finally made it work in an iframe in the course quiz that I was working on. However, the file URL is extremely long and it's a quite tedious process to do this everytime I need to put the sound-button in.


Is there an easier way to get a custom .html file to load in an iframe in a course quiz?


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