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Copying quizzes or importing questions from a quiz into a Question Bank

Question asked by Michelle Everson on Nov 5, 2016
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I did a bad thing.  At the start of the semester, I set up a pre-test for my students.  It was in the form of a Practice Quiz.  Rather than first add questions to a Question Bank, I just added them directly to the quiz. 


Now, I want to set up a post-test, using the same questions, but this post-test will be a Graded Quiz.  I cannot figure out how I can simply move all the questions from the pre-test into this new post-test.  Can I make a copy of the original pre-test and simply change the title and particular settings?  Or, is there a way I can import the questions from the pre-test into a question bank and then move them into the post-test?  I can't seem to figure out how to do this, and I want to avoid having to enter all the questions all over again.  Is the problem that the pre-test was originally set up as a practice quiz? 


I do see, among my Question Banks, one bank that says "Unfiled Questions."  I was hoping the pre-test questions would be in there, but I don't see them.


Thank you for your help!