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Adding a Navigation Link to every Course Calendar

Question asked by Gideon Williams on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

Is it true that you can only add 11 courses to the main calendar? Is there anyway around this or changing it?

This is HUGELY RESTRICTIVE for most UK schools with students having a minimum of 14 courses in their timetable such as:

Art, Music, English, Drama, Science, Dutch, French, History, Geography, Computing, Design Technology, Food Technology, Life Skills and Maths


I assume that this issue does not affect US schools but creates real problems as we want teachers to use the calendar for writing in student homework. It also affects a number of our teaching staff who teach more than 11 courses and cannot add a homework directly to the global calendar if the courses is not on it.


To check their homework, students have to unclick one course and then click on another  This is not a great system at all. Whilst I appreciate that students can also go to look at the course itself and the calendar, it is an inconsistency that I believe needs to be sorted.


We insist students check the global calendar and their course calendar and make sure their notifications are uptodate


Which leads me to my main question. We would like teachers to be able to add in events directly from their course on the calendar. The only problem is that we ask every course to make a Syllabus page to explain to parents and students what the course is about. When this happens, there appears to be no way to access the calendar.


I could ask teachers to put a link to the calendar on their course but I want to do this globally through the Redirect Tool.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas how I can do this without lots of work