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Problem in integrating facebook Login!

Question asked by aashish khullar on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Danny Wahl

As I am trying to integrate facebook login I followed this tutorial Canvas Integration · instructure/canvas-lms Wiki · GitHub , As I goto the link login/facebook then my facebook page open asking me username nad password and after i fill them it gives me an error that " page error something broke unexpectedly", I am attaching a screenshot, Please look into it. And Please let me know where to set these configurations as I havent found them, Plus This is in development stage so I am running it at localhost.

  • Set Post-Authorize Callback URL to http://<your-canvas-domain>/facebook/add_user
  • Set Post-Authorize Redirect URL to http://<your-canvas-domain>/facebook/authorize_user
  • Make a note of your Canvas Page value
  • Set Canvas Type to FBML

I am not able to set  Deauthorize Callback to http://localhost:3000/facebook/remove_user ,

in facebook application as it is not accepting it.